COVID-19 and Its Issues

This virus, though deadly, is also as contagious as some others. So, what does this mean to those who have contracted it? The current prognosis involves being diagnosed with the disease within two to three months after being suspected to have it.

The Tests to See a Person has COVID-19:

The person may have clear symptoms but tests will need to be conducted to confirm the diagnosis. In the case of COVID-19, the COVID-19 lab testing in Abu Dhabi includes a serological confirmation, a fluorescent antibody test and a positive molecular test. These are all done using liquid nitrogen therapy, a procedure which involves freezing the cells with liquid nitrogen. Serology usually takes place within eight to ten days after confirming your symptoms.

A CORONAVIRUS positive test will also be required. The virus, however, does not cause illness by itself. It is, instead, part of an emergent infection which occurs when someone with CORONAVIRUS enters a susceptible person’s body. Viruses called viruses affect the immune system of humans, making it weaker and allowing infections to take hold. The CORONAVIRUS-1 virus is a type of envelop virus and was first identified in Africa where it was later identified and the disease became known as the common cold. The most common way of spreading this disease is through blood transfusion. Find here more about coronavirus.

So how does the vaccine work?

On the surface, it looks like an effective method since the aim is to strengthen the immune system so that it can fight against the illness. However, since the immune system is the same one which was weakened in CORONAVIRUS, a cure for CORONAVIRUS/AIDS remains highly unlikely. However, research has shown that people who have undergone an adequate vaccination have shown a high rate of beating the condition.

The Sad Reality of COVID-19 Vaccines:

While COVID-19 and similar vaccines remain a possibility, it is unknown if a good and effective vaccine will ever become a reality. For now, we can only wait and see if the antiviral drugs already in circulation will work. The problem with any new drugs or medical interventions is that they are still experimental and therefore have their limitations. A clinical trial for a vaccine that has not yet been approved for use has the possibility of being a waste of resources and time and may even lead to the cancellation of a new treatment. There is also the risk that the newly approved treatment will prove useless. Visit our site to find more info.

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