Incredible Things to Know About a Colonial Style Kitchen

A colonial-style kitchen has several advantages. For one, it always has plenty of space for working. For this reason, it should include a large, functional kitchen island. There should be separate food preparation, cooking, baking, and cleaning zones. The design should also allow the entire family to pitch in and get the job done. The best thing about a colonial kitchen is its deep, farmhouse sink. You can move it to the island if necessary.

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One: A colonial kitchen must-have wooden cabinets. Choosing a knotty pine finish is the most authentic way to achieve the look. You can even carry over the paneling from the ceiling into the cabinets. If you’d like a more modern look, you can opt for a painted finish, but be sure to stick with traditional colors. Muted colors are ideal. A combination of white and cream can create a bright look.

Two: Moreover, colonial-style kitchens often feature beadboard paneling. It can cover the entire wall or be used as wainscoting on lower portions of the walls. A white or cream color is the best choice for a bright and airy appearance. You can also choose to paint it or leave it natural. Either way, you’ll get a beautiful, warm, and welcoming space that everyone will love.

Three: You can’t go wrong with a colonial-style kitchen if you want to replicate the style and feel of the original. For example, the traditional Colonial kitchen often features glass-front cabinets with leaded glass. This type of cabinetry is great for displaying pottery and dishes, but you’ll also be able to see a great view of the countryside. You can also incorporate other touches into your design, such as a decorative fireplace.

Four: Colors and materials are other key elements of a colonial kitchen. The best color choices for a colonial kitchen are muted or neutral shades of brown or gray. While white walls are the most ideal for bright and airy spaces, pale yellow is also a good choice. If you want to go darker, use dark colors for the cabinets and other accessories. It’s important to choose neutral colors, as you’ll need to keep the kitchen looking clean and inviting.

Five: A colonial-style kitchen can be a great way to incorporate several elements in a design. The most common element is the fireplace. A fire in a house can spread quickly throughout a home, but a colonial kitchen has a higher risk of catching fire. If your home was built before the Revolution, it’s best to have a chimney and hearth.

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