Different Types of Industrial Dehumidifiers

When deciding between different industrial dehumidifier models, consider your business’ needs and budget. While a typical dehumidifier uses an adsorption-based system, some systems utilize an absorption-based system. For example, a liquid-based dehumidifier uses material like calcium chloride. The absorption-based system pumps liquid-based desiccant through a spray bar onto a media pad. The moisture in the air bonds with the material, causing it to absorb the moisture. These systems must be reactivated, or the material changes its structure to eliminate water molecules.

Desiccant dehumidifiers

Desiccant dehumidifiers use a chemical-absorbing material, called a desiccant, to remove moisture. This material absorbs moisture by pulling it across a porous electrode. As the moisture dries, hydrogen ions are released, and the dehumidifying side of the unit releases the moist air. The desiccant type of industrial-grade dehumidifier is particularly effective in cold climates, as it can operate in freezing temperatures.

In a desiccant-based dehumidifier, a particular substance absorbs moisture. A solid polymer electrolyte is used to create the electrolyte, and porous electrodes are made of noble metal particles. When moisture is introduced to the anode side, hydrogen ions travel through the membrane and react Afterward in the air. Afterward, water molecules (vapor) are discharged from the dehumidifying side, while oxygen is discharged from the cathode side. This process is a process that takes place continuously.

A desiccant is a unique material that absorbs moisture. This material is exposed to the air being conditioned, and it is then moved to a recharge location. The desiccant is usually heated to drive away moisture from the air. It is commonly used in industries, including pharmaceutical companies, to remove high humidity at low temperatures. These units are handy in large settings, where high water levels can form in an airtight enclosure.


The most basic type of industrial dehumidifier is the condensate type. This unit uses the same materials as condensate dehumidifiers. Its most common advantage is its portability, an excellent feature for large-scale companies. This type is also an excellent choice for the industrial sector. It’s a part of the liquid and gas plumbing system, so the condensate will not be a problem.

Ionic Membrane

The other type of industrial dehumidifiers is the Ionic Membrane and Condensate Dehumidifiers. Ionic Membrane Dehumidifiers are used in chemical production. Ionic Membrane Dehumidifiers also work well in the chemical industry. They also help in the protection of delicate electrical components. In contrast to condensate, these units use ionic technology.

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